Not only has Angela DeMontigny become well known for her luxurious, leather fashion and accessory designs but is now becoming known for her extraordinary soy candle collection.

These gorgeous and intoxicating scents designed by DeMontigny have become a necessary luxury for the home, office and cottage. They are the ultimate in artisan, hand poured, soy candles and in keeping with DeMontigny's native heritage, are all natural, utilize essential oils that provide a positive and relaxing environment for the senses. 

DeMontigny decided to call the collection 'LODGE' as it has several meanings...Lodge is not only a word for 'home' but also a word that describes a place in the woods or near a lake for 'relaxation' and 'recreation' (as in cabin) as well as a place for 'ceremony'.

The candles are poured into beautiful, contemporary glass containers with wood wicks as well as 2 sizes of convenient travel tins. Other sizes in status glass jars are available exclusively at the DeMontigny Boutique|Gallery but are not available in the online shop.


DeMontigny is excited to announce the launch of 3 new 'LODGE' soy candle scents to celebrate the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the DeMONTIGNY BOUTIQUE|GALLERY @ 197 James St. North in Hamilton, ON.!!


DeMontigny has worked hard at creating these soon-to-be staple candle scents...Sumptuous infusions of cranberry, dark patchouli, cinnamon and spices embrace the scents of Thanksgiving while cedarwood with cranberry, clove  and a hit of spice reminiscent of weekends in a Log Cabin with a fire burning and walks in the forest. Ceremony is a very special scent, close to DeMontigny's heart - that captures the spirit and essence of our medicines: cedar, sage, sweetgrass and tobacco burning while sitting around a sacred fire in the Lodge - engaged in the act of prayer and thanksgiving. 

Angela offers these special and unique, soy candles to you in the hopes that they will convey the spirit in which they were created and surround you, your friends, loved ones and your homes/spaces with hours of positive, cleansing,  relaxing, and (dare we say inspiring?) scent.

Miigwetch and enjoy! 



DeMontigny designed these initial scents based on traditional medicines used for purification and cleansing oneself and one's space. The 100% natural and non-toxic soy candles are infused with essential oils from these plants. They  not only calm the senses but also help in removing negative energy from any space. 


Woodland Forest brings the freshness of the forest indoors with the natural essences of fir, pine and cedar trees,  creating a wonderful, uplifting ambience while Indian Summer and Moccasin are very sensual in nature. Spicy blends of  pumpkin and cinnamon with a hint of patchouli along with a very unique and earthy mix of  leather and fig make these a treat for the senses.

Handmade ~ Native Designed ~ All Natural ~ Made in Canada